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🇿🇦 The God Confusion

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about the Triune God as this subject is so often misunderstood especially in cults. As you may know, we believe in God the Father, who is the Almighty Creator and resides in the shining light. We also believe in Jesus Christ, who is the God-man and who ascended bodily into heaven carried by the clouds. Finally, we have the Holy Spirit, who hovers over all of creation and dwells in our hearts. It’s important to note that theologically speaking, it is the Holy Spirit, also known as the Spirit of Christ, who resides in our hearts, not Jesus as the God-man.

Recently, Mr. Jabulani Dube, one of the leaders of KSB, shared an experience during a Sunday service. He reported seeing an image of ‘Jesus’ standing behind the choir, clothed in a long white cloak. Although it is unclear how he was able to see the cloak, given that ‘Jesus’ was standing behind the choir. Still Mr. Dube wanted to share his experience with the congregation and the whole world.

Now the question is: why would Jesus, the Son of God, leave heaven to stand silently behind the choir at the KSB church service? The reason for Jesus’ presence remains a mystery. Perhaps to listen to their singing?  However, it’s important to note that on that Sunday, hundreds of choirs were singing all over the world and the heavens too echoed with the singing of the angelic hosts. It’s unlikely that the KSB choir was significantly better than these others.

Moving on to more important matters.. He appeared to Saul on the way to Damascus, to John on the island of Patmos, and to Stephan the deacon. In the first two instances, He delivered important messages regarding the future of Christianity. In the last instance, He stood welcoming Stephan, who was about to die. Did you know that Jesus has made several appearances throughout history? It’s fascinating to know that throughout the history of the church, Jesus has never made a visit without purpose! The arrival of the Son of the Living God is of great significance to the entire church and to all of creation!

It is unclear why He appeared specifically to Mr Dube at KSB. It is important to consider alternative explanations for this ‘apparition’, such as a potential neurological deficiency or the onset of dementia. Alternatively, it is possible that Mr Dube is being dishonest. It’s worth noting that Mr Dube is the leader of the reputable KSB Mission whose people are known for speaking the truth. Maybe Mr Dube is implying that he is now the chosen one, blessed with wisdom, power, and supernatural experiences like his sister. However, let’s avoid subjective evaluations and maintain objectivity. It’s not clear what the purpose of this apparition is. Maybe someone who is educated at KSB could provide an answer that is both biblically-based and logically sound. We are a bit confused by this nonsensical and wondrous lunacy.