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  • The demise of a true revival
    by the former missionary of Kwasizabantu Peet Botha Now you can read the book on our website.
  • The “Lidia Dube Phenomenon”
    Saturday 26 March 2022 was the celebration of the 70th birthday of Lidia Thofozi Dube at KSB. Part of this festivities was a “thanksgiving” service […]
  • Doubts about the CRL Commission
    There is no question of transparency and professionalism / Allegedly, the Kwasizabantu case is finally to continue in March – but who can still believe […]
  • Zweifel an der CRL-Kommission
    Von Transparenz und Professionalität kann keine Rede sein / Angeblich soll es im März im Fall Kwasizabantu endlich weitergehen – doch wer mag daran noch […]
  • „Die sollen endlich erkennen, was sie angerichtet haben“
    Die einstigen Ansprüche an Sünder gelten für die Protagonisten der Ex-KSB-Sekte offenbar nicht / Das Erzbistum München und die Evangelische Gemeinde Hof Oberkirch Hermann Schlicker, […]

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Please invest in the elders of the ex-KSB church of Cedar Ministries in the Netherlands. I don’t want to (as a ‘member’), but it is clear one of the leaders has sexually abused someone and doesn’t want to accept that to have happened, and speaks of adultery. About half of the elders stepped down because of this. But he will not listen to anyone inside or outside the church. He claims God and uncle Erlo have put him there so he cannot be put down.

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