About us

The topic of this homepage

The center of this homepage is the Kwasizabantu Mission in Kranskop, Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa. The mission, which is led by Erlo Stegen, a South African of German origin, describes itself as Evangelical Lutheran and calls itself a “revival movement”. It has about five to ten thousand followers in South Africa, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania and Australia. In the above-mentioned countries, the organizations “Christians for Truth” and “True Love Waits” also emerge from the Kwasizabantu mission. In the European countries, Kwasizabantu runs “Eurochor”, in Germany “Aktion Schiphra und Pua” and in Switzerland “Betroffenes Spital”. In South Africa, in Kaltbrunn/Switzerland and Schwäbisch Gmünd-Lindach/Germany, Kwasizabantu Mission runs one “Domino Servite School” each.

Who makes this homepage?

This homepage was created by former employees of Mission Kwasizabantu who could no longer reconcile a further cooperation with the mission with their conscience.

Why this homepage?

Painful and partly sorrowful personal experiences, knowledge, experiences and observations have caused us to inform about the dubious and dubious, even inhuman and brutal practices of the mission. Partly dramatic experiences with the mission make it seem necessary to us to give Christians of all denominations a look behind the scenes of Kwasizabantu. With these subjective reports we want to enable them to form an opinion about Kwasizabantu, which is only possible for very vigilant people who are capable of differentiated observation, even if they have been in contact with the mission for many years. We are aware of the fact that those who have visited Kwasizabantu or who have had fleeting contact with Kwasizabantu will occasionally find the descriptions published here to be horror scenarios that can only occur to bitter opponents. But remember: All those who have decided to go public in this way were once true friends of the Stegen family and Kwasizabantu. We were once committed to the truth of the Gospel as we understood it through the teachings of Erlo Stegen and his preachers.

Partly only after many years we have had to realize how much we have been deceived by Erlo Stegen, his co-workers and Kwasizabantu. We know from many years of experience: Erlo Stegen and his co-workers either always deny all accusations or, like Chameläons, change their course for some time to take the wind out of their critics’ sails. What we do not want to and cannot deny is: God works also in Kwasizabantu, as He works everywhere where people seek Him. Since in our opinion the trail of destruction and devastation through Kwasizabantu is bigger than the trail of blessing, we have to go this way after many fruitless attempts to bring Erlo Stegen and Sizabantu to understanding.

What do we publish on this homepage?

On the basis of reports of experiences, correspondence and documents of all kinds, newspaper articles and comments, we document Kwasizabantu as it really is from our point of view: a dictatorial system in which only submissive servants can live well, but in which people who think and act freely and independently are sorted out and branded with military precision. Kwasizabantu has made itself God’s watchman, arbitrarily and often with brutal severity punishing non-compliance with the rules written in the Old and New Testaments and Kwasizabantu’s own non-written rules.

What awaits the reader of the homepage?

True stories of broken people and destroyed families, of abstruse customs and methods, of orgies of beatings and virginity tests, of dubious credit transactions and diamond deals, of debts of millions and strange credit transactions, of secret service activities for the apartheid dictatorship and, and, and …

How does the homepage continue?

This homepage has existed since 1999 and the information offered is constantly expanding. In order to be able to provide comprehensive information about the practices of Mission Kwasizabantu in the future, our research continues. We are grateful for any information from people who are leaving KSB. If they need help after you leave, please feel free to contact us.