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Analysis of Erlo Stegen’s view of those leaving Ksb

Analysis of Erlo Stegen’s view of those leaving KSB

By G.D.

The following are four excerpted statements made by Erlo Stegen in sermons and a letter between the years of 1997 and 2000. These excerpts all relate in some way to the subject of people who leave Kwasizabantu and people who disagree with the KSB leadership.

While one cannot reduce Erlo Stegen’s viewpoints to the ideas contained in these small excerpts, these quotes do provide clues into some of his and the KSB leadership’s exclusive mentalities and tendencies which have been made known to the Christian public in the past few months.

We would like to draw your attention to the following themes which come up in at least two or more of the excerpts:

1) It is seemingly, according to Erlo Stegen, unnecessary, if not dangerous, if not at times treason to listen to the point of view of a person who has left KSB, or to listen to someone who questions the KSB leadership and its practices.

2) Erlo Stegen makes or implies strong associations between the devil and those who leave the fellowship of revived Christians (KSB), those who voice disagreement with the KSB leadership, and those who speak, behind Erlo’s back, to those who have left KSB.

3) Erlo professes an experience of revival in a such a way that he seems to suggest his knowledge of revival and his fellowship to be a point of distinction from if not discrimination against other Christians.

4) Erlo Stegen strategically repeats the theme of the imperative of unity at KSB while he simultaneously exhorts people to abstain from listening to those who leave KSB or those who disagree with KSB.

Letter to European KSB Co-workers
Wed. 21, June 2000

“I hope the statement to all the allegations that you heard about me and read about me shows clearly, where these two men stand, Barney and Matthias.

1 Tim 6:20-21: “Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith. Grace be with you.”

Should you have any further question, I am gladly prepared to answer you. But Paul speaks about Demas, that he has left him that was enough.

Should that not also be enough for us?

Is it necessary to go to Demas, to listen to his side?”

Original German Version:
“Ich hoffe, dass meine Stellungsnahme zu den Behauptungen, die Ihr über mich gehört und gelesen habt, klar zeigt, wo die zwei Männer, Barney und Matthias, stehen.

1 Timotheus 6:20-21: “O Timotheus! Bewahre, was dir anvertraut ist, und meide die ungeistlichen, losen Geschwätze und das Gezänke der fälschlich so genannten Erkenntnis, zu welcher sich etliche bekennen und irren ab vom Glauben. Die Gnade sei mit euch!”

Sollten einige noch Fragen haben, bin ich gerne bereit, sie zu beantworten. Paulus sagte über Demas jedoch nur, dass er ihn verlasst habe, was vollauf genügte. Sollte es für uns dann nicht auch genügen? Oder is es noch nötig, dass wir noch zu Demas gehen, um seine Seite anzuhören?”

12, December 1999

“There are now primarily three people: J.N., Colin Peckham, Erwin Redinger. These are people that you do not even know. People who in their spirits know nothing of revival. People who are not able to show any fruit … When people in the Netherlands listen to men such as these, then it is a simple matter for the devil to damage this (KSB) work. Therefore we took the first opportunity to come here.”

“Nun sind da hauptsächlich drei Männer J.N., Colin Peckam und Erwin Redinger. Das sind Menschen die ihr gar nicht kennt. Menschen die geistlich nichts von Erweckung wissen. Menschen die gar keine Frucht zeigen können…Wenn Menschen hier in den Niederlanden auf solche Menschen hören, dann ist es für den Teufel das Kleinste das Werk hier zu zerstören. Darum habe die die allererste Gelegenheit genommen um hierher zu kommen…”

Portion of Recorded Sermon:
KSB Familiernfreizeit at Melchtal, Switzerland
Sun. 10, August 2000

“For a person to leave revived Christians is senseless. If he says that God leads him out, the devil is his god. Christians who are of one heart and one soul and then one does not work together- don’t have anything to do with such a person; until he acknowledges his senseless deed and repents.
One doesn’t even have to pray about this to ask the Lord to show you whether the man is right or not. We should be of one heart and one soul.”

Original German version-
“Darum ist es Verücktheit, wenn plötzlich Einer darausläuft, ein Mensch die erweckten Christen verlässt, das ist Unsinn. Wenn er sagt Gott führt ihn raus, der Teufel ist sein Gott. Christen, die ein Herz und eine Seele sind, und dann macht Einer nicht mit, mit dem sollen wir nichts zu tun haben, das er bald seinen Unsinn erkennt und sich bekehrt. Da braucht man nicht mal drüber zu beten, den Herrn zu fragen, dass er einem zeigt, ob der Mann recht ist oder nicht. Wir sollen ein Herz und eine Seele sein.”

Excerpts from Sermon
July 17, 1997

“Peter asked Saphira: “How could you be one with Ananias? They did not speak TO the person, they spoke about the persons behind their backs! Let’s make it plain – The last one who left was Trevor – Over and over we spoke – we spoke for hours. I called my brother and said “Come, let’s speak to him.” We took the co-workers and one after the other – we spoke to him and showed him his sins. I speak squarely: “You, who go behind my back and speak to him (Trevor) You’re a traitor!”

“Let’s look at ourselves: Are you one?” Can we say: “That person is in my heart! I’m one with him.” I spoke about the cursed oneness. Ananias and Saphira spoke behind closed doors! Peter asked: “How could you agree with such a thing?” Paul gave someone over to the devil. We dare not look at this lightly – We must be one!”

“The apostles were given strength, ability and power: We get these from Christ! If you carry your cross daily and deny yourself – people will be blessed by you! If there’s unity – we’ll be one! We’ll have this strength and ability!

What terrible preachers are these who preach and they cannot live together.

Lets not go out till we are one here. If you don’t want to – pack your bags and go. There are many recruiting others! Some prophets prophecy that KSB is disintegrating. Even if I just stay with 4 or 5 co-workers – we’ll do more than 500 …”