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Perspectives on Ksb by Erwin Redinger

Perspectives on KSB.

There is one thing all the ex- KSB’ers agree on, namely, that all things are not ” kosher ” at KSB, and that things are radically wrong. However, when they went wrong, where they went wrong, and how they went wrong, is something people seem to see differently. It would appear that some even believe that everything was right in the beginning, from 1966 onwards, and only later did KSB lose the course. There is one thing this belief implies ( if not categorically states ) that those who left in the beginning ( and there were many ) were either in rebellion or were deceived in seeing wrongs which did not exist. This we cannot receive, as the very things we saw in the beginning are the things mentioned by the ones who came out later. They picked them up later, whereas we saw them in the beginning, What does this tell us ? It tells us that there is another thing we had in common, namely, that we were all deceived to begin with; we all believed in the wonderful revival and gravitated to Maphumulo and others later to KSB. The only difference is that some saw things very soon, while others took longer to see them; just as there are still people bound in there who hopefully will see someday. Another thing all of us had in common was that when our eyes were opened and we saw the errors and deceptions, we felt devastated and hurt. It took the grace of God and time to heal and restore us to full confidence and assurance in the Lord.

I had a phone call from a friend who left the so-called revival in the beginning. He expressed his disappointment over the people who left recently, because the things they say cast a shadow on those of us who left in the beginning, and he took umbrage that they got all the sympathy and understanding, while we are nearly portrayed as villains and hardliners. I could just say to him that it does not matter what they say as long as people are helped out of the system which holds them prisoner; if we get slated in the process, even that is not serious. Yet I must admit, I too find it frustrating at times, when people, especially those who have had long ties with KSB make out as though one is not reflecting the truth correctly when one states that there were things wrong in the beginning, but we thank God who knows the whole truth and will one day bring it all to light.

Probably the saddest thing is that people join themselves to KSB because KSB claims they promote holiness and holy living. Many Christians out there are tired of living defeated lives and when they are called to rise to the challenge of holy living they wholeheartedly respond, and that is how they get caught up in legalism and other bondages, which KSB claims to be the standards of revival. We are not against people living clean lives to the glory of God. This is to be welcomed and encouraged, but not what KSB does, who bring people into bondage to themselves and their brand of Christianity, whilst the leadership make high claims for themselves, those of us who had the opportunity to watch them at close quarters have seen their hypocrisy and double standards. It is an undeniable fact that they have told numerous lies. Does that smack of holiness? There has been immorality there. There are those who died as a result of corporal punishment. There are others who have committed suicide, because of the pressures KSB has put on them. There are those who have disappeared after being handed over to the security police. Men who could have been helped to put their lives right, but instead, when they confessed their actions and deeds they were betrayed and deviously and secretly handed over to the police, never to be heard of again. Are all these things culpable homicide or murder? What else must they do before people will see?

Because of all the beautiful and good things which are portrayed on the outside, people are impressed and do not see what is happening behind the scenes. Even Paul the Apostle had problems with people in his day and concluded that it is no wonder, for even Satan himself comes as an angel of light. Do not forget that KSB is a secret organization, and many things are done in secret, which, when they come out, are ugly like their covert operations, their mine, the Thofozi kidnapping etc etc.

Some might say that there are wrong things in every organization, why pick on KSB? I am prepared to concede that it is difficult, if not impossible to find a human organization that is faultless. Yet, when you are dealing with sincere and humble people they will not run from scrutiny, and when confronted will even acknowledge and repent, for the Bible tells us to reprove a righteous man and he will become our friend. ( Prov. 9 vs. 8 – 10 ) KSB consistently refuses and rejects any form of reproof.

I have heard people say, ” I have been helped at KSB. How could they help me if they are so wrong ?” A man told me the other day that he was helped and through KSB a soured relationship was restored. Of course if KSB gives good advice and you follow that advice to humble yourself and submit, that will help you. Any good counsel obeyed will help one, but that is no guarantee that the person counselling one is walking in the Holy Spirit. There are Jehovah Witnesses who live good lives as a result of their teachings they receive, but that does not make them right.

The other day my cousin spoke to his brother- in- law who is still locked in KSB. When my name came up in the conversation, this man said that Erwin will not forgive and that is why he is bringing up all these things from the past. I would love to ask him a few questions. By saying that, does he acknowledge that things were wrong in the beginning? If they were, then why doesn’t the leadership acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness? So it is actually them who need to ask for forgiveness, as they are the transgressors. My disclosures have nothing to do with forgiving them, or not forgiving them, but has everything to do with correcting a church situation that has hurt and deceived many and needs to be exposed. If there is unforgiveness in our hearts then we need to deal with it, but we will not be muzzled by people who are trying to put guilt on us and so force us to keep quiet. No! Let them face the issues now in this life, before it is too late to repent. Diverting people away from their problems is an old trick of theirs and we will not buy that.

When ” Christians for truth ” was started, I was approached to join. I said to the one who was recruiting me ” How can I join a movement which is supposedly standing for truth when the founders ( i.e. KSB ) have not learnt to speak the truth? ) Many, if not most of their revival stories are untrue, exaggerated or distorted. Is that holiness and truth ? These people were deceitful and if you dared question anything, you were told just to bow and submit even if you did not understand. Just bow! Is it surprising that people received lies and submitted to deceit when they were not allowed to question? People bowed to something they never tested or tried. How gullible can people be? People feel they are humble if they just submit, but they do not realise that it is dangerous to just receive something you are not sure of. People are very gullible. Jesus says,” Do not let anyone mislead you.”

May God help us.