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Kwasizabantu Mission’s Apology

During a Sunday morning Service in May 2015, three of Kwasizabantu Mission’s co-workers (Alpheus Mdlalose, Stella Hlongwane and Bruno Hlongwane), addressed the audience and made a public apology on behalf of “more than a hundred” other co-workers.

They confessed that they were part of a deceptive conspiracy and smear-campaign to discredit and remove Lydia Dube as well as Erlo and Friedel Stegen from their leadership positions.

This “confession” can be heard on the mp3 audio clip posted on this page.
Confession or lie?

Their apology must be seen against the background of Lydia aka Thofozi Dube having been accused of orchestrating her own “kidnapping” during the late 1990s. She later acknowledged her guilt in this regard.

This “kidnapping” and the consequent chaos was instrumental in the split of their church during the year 2000 (see

The following links give access to video extracts throwing more light on the events surrounding the “kidnapping” and “church split” in question:

  1. Jannie le Roux
  2. Hilde Dube (Magasa)

Many questions have been asked after this apology was publicly offered and distributed in audio format on CD.

It is widely believed to be just another outpouring of lies and deception to cover up Lydia Dube’s transgressions during the late 1990s.

From whichever angle you look at it, this “apology” is proof of the horrendous evil and deception which has been ongoing at Kwasizabantu Mission since the 1960’s.

And yet they claim to have revival …?

It is not in vain that God warns: “And they will deceive everyone his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.” (Jeremiah 9:5)