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Spiritual Abuse

(As an introduction to this article, please read the Testimony of Nicoleen Dickenson on another website, published on 25 July 2013, 10:47 am)

During the time I was staying at Kwasizabantu Mission, I was in a position to witness the manner in which those in the inner circle harassed and spiritually abused people behind the scenes.

During a certain period of time, those working at the “Doctors for Life” NGO – whose offices are situated next to Erlo Stegen house – were subjected to these same manipulative tactics as described by Nicoleen Dickenson.

Jabu Nala (who has since changed her surname to “Majola”) together with some others, held devotions under the guise of Christianity. And yet, according to eyewitnesses, the meetings could not be described as anything other than demonic.

During these ‘devotions’, a certain teenage girl who had claimed to be a Satanist (and who “ran away” afterwards), was given free reign by the KSB leadership to intimidate, threaten, accuse, and verbally as well as spiritually abuse the people who were sacrificing their lives working at Doctors for Life.

Some of those present were also falsely accused by this Satanist of having been under the sea together with demons, taking part in satanic rituals, doing astral traveling, and such like…

After each of these meetings, attendants were in a state of shock and confusion. Some of them never recovered from the trauma inflicted on them, and eventually left KSB.

The question can be asked: “Is this the ‘revival’ the leaders of Kwasizabantu Mission claim to have?”

In Psalm 85:6 the psalmist prays to God: “Will thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

According to the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance, the Hebrew word for “revive”, “chayah”, in this verse means inter alia: “to nourish”, “to repair” and “to restore”.

If the leaders of Kwasizabantu Mission call this harsh, abusive and carnal treatment of people “revival”, then their revival has nothing to do with the Bible…