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Affidavit on Money Package Deliveries of Daan van Tonder

Daan, Affidavit on “Money Package Deliveries” Secretly and Covertly and in the Dark.

Introduction (between April-August 2018) datum 18-04-2019

I, Daan van Tonder, either collected, transported & delivered huge amounts of cash, under instruction of the Director’s decision making body, in “money bags” to an unknown agent of KSB Mission; under the scale name “Moses Ndlela, at different locations like at the the N3 Caltex Petrol Port, in the Free State & Rand Airport in Gauteng; on more than one occasion.

Cash delivered to “Mr Ndlela” was never signed for & he disappeared with it as fast as possible.

I have been informed, by my wife Hulda & others involved in this matter that a special seperate simple button phone with an unknown sim card was assigned especially to Mr. Ndlela who would send sms messages to my father-in-law, also the director of Mission Kwasizabantu, whom they read out aloud to him & then replying back via messaging through one of my sister’s-in-law’s. She often told me what Mr. Ndlela wrote in those notes & what he said & requested from the Mission. 

When we heard some of his stories it was always in the line that he needed more money to solve this corrupt case of ex-President Jacob Zuma, through a retited Judge Joffe, who would eventually find him guilty on carges relating to murder & corruption, through him “Ndlela” who apparently was one of his “Mr Jacob Zuma’s” secret hit men, who annihilated many of his political & other enemies.

But through all of his great efforts to do so through our financial help he was in great danger now & followed & marked as an enemy no.1 who needed to be killed & taken out of the way. He always told us stories of how he travelled with the money we gave him & then he was attacked & he lost everything he had, but was always the sole survivor, without a scratch, but his car was smashed up & his body guard killed or everyone around him died & he miraculously escaped with his life & now he pleaded for more money, otherwise this case with its good intentions cannot continue & be successful. Most of us started to smell a rat & didn’t agreed to this & started to see “Mr. Ndlela” as a liar & someone who were trying to deceive us. *Others in this, from the family just said although we doubt this & don’t understand this, we need to submit & bow under it becauset the leadership requires it from us. My conscious didn’t allow it any longer & although I didn’t agree with it, I was looking for answers. I met others like Dr. Peet Botha & Martin vd Merwe who had also been directly involved or aware of these “money bag” dealings & didn’t agree seeing that their consciouses didn’t allow them.

When I reported this matter to the authorities & director of KSB Mission & showed my distaste & disapproval, I was immediately placed under a form of isolation & seen as an enemy now. I was immediately interrogated, one meeting after the other for hours on end. I was told that I am now a threat to society & my family & needed to be monitored 24/7 by an special KSB agent, my firearm needed to be handed in, all knives removed from my house, my cellphones be removed from me & I may not communicate with anyone regarding these matters. I was told to isolate myself & think of my life. Suddenly I was labled as a threat to those on the mission & the leadership & needed to be quiet, but it’s interesting that it was never like that before the “money bag deliveries” was made public.

Quite a few people are involved when it has to do with the delivery of the “moneybags” or money parcels to individuals. Money was packed as needed in zipper cool boxes, boxes, plastic bags etc. These then were delivered by car, either of the Tuareg or Fortuner cars, or by plane, mostly the KSB four-seater Cessna. Sometimes they would stay over in an estate in Pretoria and then the host’s car was used. The moneybags were delivered and handed to a contact, mostly Moses Ndlela, a pseudonym name used by him but there were others as well. This pseudonym was given to him at KSB; “Ndlela” is linked to “Stegen” which both mean basically “road” or “path”. Deliveries were done to him at Rand Airport, Van Reenen Petro Port, Pretoria and sometimes other places. Envelopes with money were handed over at petrol stations, meeting points along the road or it was fetched at KSB.

There are only two pilots for the planes and both pilots have delivered “moneybags”. All the sons-in-laws accept one as far as I know have been couriers at multiple times. Two or three coworkers have been involved as couriers whilst one leader had been implicated as a courier. Some other co-workers have been involved in collecting the money from SPAR stores. Most of reverend Stegen’s daughters are implicated in the counting and packing of the money into the “moneybags”. So from all of this one may gather that the direct family of reverend Stegen, Thofozi, Eunice and closest coworkers have been involved with the planning, gathering, packing and delivering of the “moneybags”. There are about 9-11 couriers mentioned and about 26 people mentioned who knew about the whole money business. It is to be noted that this matter was never discussed at a co-worker’s meeting and therefore never sanctioned by the body of co-workers.

The glow of the moon falls gently on Mission Kwasizabantu. All is quiet. It is just after +-11pm. The sound of voices disturbs the quietness. The sound comes from the garage at reverend Stegen’s; the director of KSB Mission’s house. The children have counted and packed the money in a cooler box and plastic bag. The stuffed cooler box and bag are loaded into the Toyota Fortuner or alternatively the VW  Tuareg SUV.  Used notes collected from the SPAR stores at Dalton and Harding made this delivery possible. There is about a million Rand’s worth of cash tightly packed in the cooler box and bag.

One of the sons in law (thats myself)looks at his watch. It is about 11h20 pm and time to go. It is his about his fifth trip delivering money. Tonight he is going with his wife. Previous trips he was accompanied by one of his brothers-in-law. But tonight his wife will go with him. He touches the pistol under his shirt and feels somewhat comforted. It doesn’t matter how many times one does this, there is always some anxiety and doubt about what he is doing. As usual there will be no observers when they leave; leaving this late at night when just about all are sleeping peacefully at the Mission is best. No one will be the wiser to their late-night activities. He goes upstairs to his father-in-law to greet finally.

It is  about 11h35 when the car moves through the security gate at the Mission’s entrance. The security guard sleepily waves them through. He makes a right turn on the R74 and settles himself in the seat for the three-hour drive ahead. They are only heading to Van Reenen tonight and not Rand Airport like the previous time he went with another of the siblings. Thankfully there will be not much traffic on the road this time of night. Nevertheless his eyes return frequently to the rearview mirror to make sure there are no cars following them.

Just before about 3am they turn into the Van Reenen Petro Port. They drive slowly towards the parking area. A white Mercedez Benz is parked all by itself and he drives slowly towards the parked car. As he parks the Fortuner/Tuareg next to it, the front doors of the Mercedez Benz opens and two men get out of the car. The one he recognizes as Moses Ndlela. The other one is most probably a bodyguard.

Ndlela does not waste time. He wants to go. Like previous times he is only interested to lay hold to the “moneybags” and leave. In less than ten minutes he is looking at the rear lights of the Mercedez Benz as it leaves the parking area and drives off direction Harrismith. That is it. All done. He gets back into the car and starts the engine. Another three-hour’s drive back to the Mission.

Yes, there are indeed more stories. When millions of Rands are to be dispersed covertly, there are eventually more stories. But people are scared. They fear for their lives and the lives of loved ones. They have received strange phone calls, seen strange people around and received threats. They will not give permission for their stories to be shared because they fear they will be identified and contacted. But, even so, this statement is their story as well. They are so valuable nevertheless to determine truth in all this chaos of information floating around KSB.

Where is the accountibility & openess from KSB leadership towards, the co-workers, congregation & members of KSB? We require open books, honesty & an explanation on where all this cash went to, for what purpose & why it was never duscussed with the co-workers & congregation. Why was it hidden & why was it done in the dark & so shady & suspicionsly & kept in the dark & not open before the church?