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A prayer for Daan van Tonder

Dear Friends

Yesterday morning early I received a call from an unknown number. When I answered it was Daan van Tonder and it was the first time I had contact with him since last weekend. We are extremely thankful that we found him alive. There was a speculation that I staged a kidnapping like a certain Ms Dube did some years back, but I can assure you that this is not the case. Openness and honesty is of integral importance to me and anyone who knows me well, will know that actions such as staged kidnappings is completely in-congruent to my personality and beliefs which my known “Confession of Koos Greeff” testifies. 

At present Daan is in a vulnerable stage. Not only with the upcoming court case of the 24th but also with his family situation. Many people can witness to the fact that Daan loves his family dearly and also that he has high respect for his father-in-law. As such, he is experiencing a huge loss personally; anyone who has ever been separated from their loved ones will understand that. On top of this loss, there are numerous accusations and some trump-up charges that was laid against him. In order for Daan to defend himself, he will need to participate in a fierce legal battle which puts even more pressure on a kind person such as Daan. 

It is such a tragedy that a Christian mission has descended into a toxic cultic society. Biblical standards and ethics have no place there anymore and only suspicion, accusations, hidden secrets and manipulations prevail. What a tragedy! And this is what Daan is up against.

Currently we are in a sensitive space where we need urgent prayers for Daan and his family. This included Hulda and the children. We pray especially for the following:

1: That love will prevail. Not only God’s love but also normal family bonds and marital love.

2: For the physical and spiritual well-being of all involved in this horrible situation.

3: That we receive the wisdom and knowledge to sort this horrible mess out once and for ever.

4: That everybody suffering in this horrible situation get the needed help, forgiveness and healing.

Peter calls on us to be sober and watchful (1 Peter 5:8-9). May God have mercy on us all.

Love in Jesus name

Koos Greeff