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Friedel Stegen leaves the mission Kwasizabantu


In the mission Kwasizabantu the events rush. While these days a “discussion” was announced among members about the dismissal of Friedel Stegens, brother of the head of mission Erlo Stegen, from the executive committee of the mission, now the affected person preceded the initiators of the coup. In a statement made by Koos Greeff in the name and on behalf of his father-in-law on 21 June 2019, Friedel Stegen resigns as a member of the Board of Mission Kwasizabantu, from the Mission itself and its societies. Stegen explains in the document that he warned his brother against dark financial transactions and advocated investigations into these transactions. Koos Greeff complements a father-in-law’s statement with the information that he has informed the state authorities of numerous violations of the law by part of the current KSB management, so that criminal and civil action can be taken against them. In the paper, he speaks of evidence that 136 million rand in cash has been stolen from KSB since 2015.