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To all my brothers and sisters in Christ

16 July 2019

To all the special Christian people, prayer warriors, intersessors,  brothers & sisters in Christ & family & friends,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt support as well as the faithful support group you have been forming so far around me & are stil doing to this very moment. There are so many of you supporting, helping and praying, that I do not know where to start & thank you & encourage you as well to continue steadfastly with all faith & trust upon this solid foundation which is Jesus Christ our Lord. I have been much encouraged by the foundational idea based on Scripture:  “Be of good cheer brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers. The Lords light shines the brightest during the darkest night. He is truely the light of the world & the darkness will not overcome Him nor prevail. Christ is the ultimate victor!”

Well the Lord has been tremendously good to me that as you heard before. He supplied a new team of legal professionals assisting me in my court case relating directly to KSB Mission. Some may wonder if it’s really possible that Kwasizabantu Mission could go so far as to arrange that a  court case be opened up against me? Yes, there are people, who are family members of mine on the Mission here in South-Africa, who felt it their duty & obligation to open a case or cases against me, under the direct guidance of the KSB leadership. Just to put things better in perspective, my father-in-law is too frail & unable to handle the day to day tasks on the Mission as director of the Mission, thus others like MeThofosi Dube is running the businesses of the day. She with her advisers & colleagues make the decisions & they decide who they want on the Mission & who not.

Methods are used to get rid of those who are in her way & working against her agenda. The Gospel or true Christian agenda has fallen away. Christianity with a “holiness” appearance, strictly enforced rules & regulations. But these “high” morals & standards are just a smokescreen to hide the real agenda of LTD & Co. (Lydia Thofozi Dube). Money, status & control of the Mission is the real issue in this hidden agenda. Strange, evil and unBiblical practices & all kinds of unrighteousness are hidden from the masses & only known to the very few in the top structure of KSB leadership.

The inner circle often gathers in “Room no.5” in the old double story building we me Dube sleeps. They have first-hand knowledge of the true events, but they manipulate it to their own advancement. So that’s why KSB opened the case against me. It could have been avoided but for a yet unknown reason(maybe because I became a whistle blower in a money-laundering Scheme), it was simply pushed through as a must, otherwise the law of the country is broken & “they” become accomplices in a “criminal case”.  Meanwhile me Dube and others are actively involved in many criminal activities.

It is undoubtly part of the smokescrean to protect & hide behind this mask of righteousness & the “holiness” banner of Christianity, to hide the real motive & modus operandi, of what is really happening. This my dear friends, we all know it.  Much worse cases & incidents happened consistently over the years & most recently at KSB Mission, which was simply ignored & swept under the carpet considered as not serious or necessary to report or no legal cases were opened against any such members at KSB. With that in mind; with the main charge or case, many untrue or half true accusations were taken totally out of the context & get displayed as if is the truth & factual evidence.

I am now accused of sins which I did confess and truly repented from as well as commonly required practices, like capital punishment of our children. I am now accused of assault yet for years KSB practiced it. Or even strange things that never happened, like they accuse me of beating up my children with a metal pipe or a sjambok where it was just commonly practiced corporal punishment as done by all at KSB.  I use to walk down the main road of KSB with your daughter’s aspecially to church or during children services, protecting them as a father should. Now they are accusing me of “grooming” my children and especially my daugthers into sexual misuse. They even accuse me of molesting different young girls on the Mission, which never occurred. 

So please pray that these blatant lies might become clear to the court officials as untruthful accusations & untrustworthy statements from false witnesses, with an blacksmearing agenda in mind. So this is what we are here up against. They are still trying to add on any new charges they can possibly use in a flawed court case, because of these hidden motives to protect certain interests-groups at the mission. If you haven’t done before, then please visit “” website & you’ll realise what the real motive & driving force behind this case is. Why it was pushed for so eagerly & mercilessly!

A lot of my personal belongings where confiscated from me prior to my  forced departure & kidnapping to an isolated farm near Lichtenburg in the Northwest Province. This method of isolation, “confession of sin”, “purging” is also nothing new to the military world & nothing less than military style psychological warfare in order  to unsettle your enemies, manipulate them, whether through psychological torture, brainwashing, disinformation, fearmongering, etc. The evil idea behind this was dismantling or breaking me down to where I would be totally submissive & have no more willpower or a healthy open mind.  As I see it this was done in order for me to become totally dependant on my oppressors or “councellors” to be like a sheep walking straight to the slaughterhouse. 

Our loving Heavenly Father certainly haven’t created us like robots in such a fashion. By implanting the Holy Spirit in us, He gave us the ability to distinguish between right & wrong & He certainly aren’t walking circles around us guarding over us with a whip or waiting for us to make a mistake so He can accuse & judge us. No!!!! He deals with us as in love as sons & daughters; as heirs of His great salvation and He give us the freedom & choice to choose between right & wrong. He loves us so much that He give us a free will to choose Him all the time, because of who He is, & not of any of our good works lest we should boast.

You can imagine what I may be going through right now. Being seperated, cutt-off (no-communication) from my wife Hulda and our four children: Janis, Amy, Laura & Livia for almost 8 months now. This was after a set-up arrest to spend a while in inhumane conditions in an overcrowded South-African jail. Then it is the ongoing court-case with supplied witnesses & trumped-up charges out of context. We are also facing  heavy legal costs, etc.

This all was mercilesly pushed through by LTD and her group after I had profusely & unconditionally apologised & repented in sackcloth & ashes from any wrongdoing against anyone on the Mission. Refusal, denial & blackmail continued with more vengeance & fire & brimstone. The spirit of LTD and her “leadership” group was so unbelievably hard, unBiblical, unforgiving & godless. Some believe she, LTD, uses witchcraft to place her manipulative, mesmerizing spells over her victims blinding & deceiving them into believing that she is like the Holy Mother Mary over all & needs to be worshipped & respected asif she is Zulu royalty. 

The fear for & bondage of this self righteous, self appointed “Queen” of KSB Mission becomes so great that co-workers & followers will do everything for her, just not to be shunned & rejected by her. This leads to more & more bondage, fear & trembling which strengthens her with more manipulative power & deception to stay in charge as an undetestant Dictator, just like you would find in communist country. People are frightened to death & swallowed up into this evil circuit of unending misery of being good robots.

These psycological manipulation & torture methods leading to ultimate childlike subjection is praised & highlighted as “revival in action” & “revival as never before” or “the fire still burning in your heart”. This sounds like a mighty exaggeration but make no mistake that those who lived at KSB for more than 15 years in the inner circles of KSB leadership & especially Room no 5 like myself will be able to testify to these facts.

I am sorry that I have gone into such depts of sharing with you this system of evil as I had experienced it. I trust I have not offended any of you but I am sure you can understand that this has been a very terrible time for my parents and myself. I want to ask for urgent prayer especially for my upcoming court appearance of 5 August 2019 which entail, psycological evaluations by a private psycological investigators & the state’s psycological investigators as well. The court case from 24-27 June was postponed to the 5th of August for these private & state evaluations.

This surely isn’t an easy position to be caught up in, neither an easy task ahead. It takes a lot of spiritual & physical courage, strength, time, planning, finances, faith, hope, trust, prayer, obedience, perseverance, love, etc from God & special people like yourself. If we look back, I can just see & thank God for His goodness, greatness, & moving hand and that I have hope for the future notwithstanding all of these great tasks ahead.

By Gods grace, help, guidance & under His leadership & instruction, I think a good question would be to ask where would I like to be involved with in 5 years from now? Please pray for me for this. I need to restructure my whole life and my urgent plea is that God will grant me the grace that I can do this together with my wife and children.

Thank you so much for bearing me up. Let us all continue to pray, intercede, watch, hope, have faith, forgive, love, have joy, have peace in the Lord, without ceasing & until Jesus the King of kings appear on the clouds to take us home, to be with Him forever! Amen!

Yours in Christ

Daan van Tonder