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The time of fainting comes to an end

A group of former KSB supporters wants to achieve a criminal investigation of the abuse in the “Mission Kwasizabantu” / Witnesses wanted

Now it could become uncomfortable for the leaders, ex-leaders, former and present coworkers or pastors – in short, for all those who in the “Mission Kwasizabantu” ruthlessly and brutally abused people physically, psychologically and sexually. In South Africa a group of former KSB supporters has formed with the aim of obtaining criminal redress for the terrible conditions that have prevailed for decades in all areas of the sect. The group, which is supported by leading lawyers in the country, is now making a public statement to all those who have themselves suffered abuse and to those who have witnessed the various forms of abuse. We publish the statement here:

To anyone who has been affected by the Kwasizabantu Mission (Kranskop, KwaZulu-Natal). Due to the severity of charges recently made against the mission, a group of ex-KSB members have built up a strong legal team to support us in bringing the truth to the open. 

Basically the case against KSB stands on two legs. First the money side, that will be taken care of by the commercial legal teams and police. The second leg is the spiritual, emotional and human rights aspects.

If anyone has been sexually, physically, spiritually or emotionally hurt by/on Kwasizabantu Mission, please contact us. In order to stop the terrible things happening at KSB, we have to come forward with affidavits and sworn statements. We are deeply aware of the trauma that people have undergone and that most people want to move on and put the past behind them. But these horrors are still happening. We have material showing that these things are still happening at the Mission and it needs to be stopped. 

Please indicate to Steffi (Greeff) Albertyn (0842409434) or Koos Greeff (0836515686) or Peet Botha (0768114964) if you are prepared to give a detailed statement. We have an attorney who will be able to guide you in writing it.

Please Note: To come forward does not mean “to go public”. There are various options to be protected and remain protected in the law. You need not be afraid to read your name in the paper.

Talk with one another. Talk to those who are afraid to speak and encourage them. Talk to parents. Talk to wives and daughters. We need to help the people who are still caught up in this terrible situation. #metooksb