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The new lockdown at KSB

10/6/2020  – Since this morning I had a number of people asking me why KSB is experiencing a new total lockdown. That is like asking the Devil why he is so evil. But I might have some suggestions.

Living in a cult is all about control. Everything, even the news coming into the cult as well as the images shared with the outside world. To this end KSB employed the service of an excellent operator Tobie Vermaak. I quote from an article on the Nelson Mandela website written by Padraig O’Malley.

“According to Basson: “Discrediting political leaders in the opposition camp is a popular strategy, especially in the army. In Namibia one of the main themes of the anti-Swapo strategy was the discrediting of the senior leadership of the party. In South Africa this strategy has also been used with great success.”…..”Basson said that a sub-department of the army’s propaganda department, “Komops Vyand”, had been working with great success over many years “in the planting and dissemination of false information” on, for instance, Winnie Mandela. Basson named a Colonel Tobie Vermaak of MI as the head of this project.”

So, we have a highly qualified ex-military information-specialist handling the security at KSB. Thus, it is quite easy to suggest that KSB is carefully controlling what information they want the cult members to have as well as manipulating the one-sided image t0 show to the outside world including VIP’s like Adriaan Vlok and Chief Buthelezi.

Another side of the information management is that of intimidation, of how to silence your opponents. Way back on Tuesday 8 Feb 2000 about 20 minutes to 10 at night the very same Tobie Vermaak together with Lidia Dube and Dietmar Joosten tried to silence me. Three times they had some unknown askari phoning me and threating to hurt my family. Unknown to them the SAPS had already installed phone tracking devices on our landline. Within hours the SAPS supplied me with the numbers as well as the location. An old friend in the Special Forces had a look at and – Dietmar and Lidia was driving around with an unknown young black man!  CCTV footage was obtained and there they all stood around a phone booth at a filling station whilst this young man is threatening me on the phone.  This was all recorded and registered by the SAPS at Klawer. I phoned my father-in-law  , a leading member of the mission – and told him what evidence we had and asked him if it was okay if I pursue the criminal charges that was already laid against them. He told me to let it go as he would make sure that it stops immediately. And please, do not threaten me with a vague threat of Crimen Injuria. I still have the original case number, the detective involved is family and the Special Forces operator is still my friend. “So, bring it on as I would love to see you in orange suites”.

And KSB is doing it again! Lately people opposing KSB are receiving strange calls making all sorts of veiled threats. But this time we will not be stopped!

Just one more point of information manipulation. Mr Erlo Stegen was diagnosed with the onset of dementia round about 2014 already. As such it can be argued that he was legally Non Compos Mentos from about 2012. This invalidate all decisions made by the board of Trustees of KSB as well as the various companies that Mr Erlo Stegen was sitting on. A certain well-known doctor has been hiding this truth from the cult members at KSB and the outside world very effectively thus enabling Lidia Dube and her cohorts to steal millions which actually belongs to the cult members. They must slave away eating stamp and beans whist the leaders fly of to Namibia to “preach the gospel” to the fish at Hentiesbay. If you would like to see the humble abode these “Missionaries” stays in, photos are available.

This well-known doctor together with the current leadership hides the truth about the mental state of Mr Erlo Stegen so effectively that his own brothers and sister can not even visit him. Every now and then this doctor announces a message from the messianic leader of the cult sending greetings and good wishes to the gathered congregants but when he speaks himself, it is uncomprehensive mumble-jumble. And again, please not threaten me with Crimen Injuria.

Actually, I am really looking forward to the upcoming court case against me and Dr Botha. It will be such a joy to face them in court. I do not know if they know what Sub Judice means. The rules of the court will apply – not the rules of the cult. And as such I will ask the court for a subpoena duces tecum and we can have Dr Willem Vlok, Dr Willie Sieling and Dr Judy Green supply the court with the medical records of Mr Erlo Stegen. The well-known doctor will then have to explain why he has been lying to the cult members and the general public – including the honourable Chief Buthelezi. I hope that he too can end up in an orange suite.

For more than 26 years KSB has been manipulating the information against me and I have suffered. It is one thing to bear your cross but it is another thing when you hear of hundreds, perhaps thousands that had gone through the same suffering and then just to keep quiet.

So, the truth of the new lockdown at KSB? I think they want to prevent the truth from getting out and coming in – that is all.

Koos Greef