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Open Letter 3 to Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Dear Prince Buthelezi,

Your renewed answer, for which I thank you, has really disappointed me. You follow the same tactics of KwaSizabantu: you only take note of what helps to maintain your world view, the rest you do not consider. This makes it clear: you are a part of KwaSizabantu. Not even today do you think about taking care of other conditions on this “mission of horror”. I say once again – and with this I end my conversation with you: Even after the disturbing results of the investigations about KwaSizabantu by the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa in 2000, you have neither used your celebrity nor your influence to initiate positive changes on KwaSizabantu. I therefore accuse you of being partly responsible for the continuing inhuman conditions in the KwaSizabantu mission, which have caused terrible harm to many people.

Finally: You reproach me with the not quite correct statements of the Dutch newspaper about my alleged function in KwaSizabantu – but what does this have to do with the huge problems of KwaSizabantu, with rape, abuse, embezzlement of huge sums of money etc.? Nothing! One recommendation: Read the text of the article in the Reformed Dagblad until the end. It tells you how things were already going in KwaSizabantu back then.  But I know – you do not want to see it.

I wish you all the best and greet you respectfully

Yours sincerely

Jens Nissen