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“KwaSizabantu, a question: Where is the report?”

The KwaSizabantu mission once again provides an example of its duplicity and chameleon-like strategy in dealing with information. Although it has pompously promised transparency regarding the outcome of the investigation by its lawyers into the many allegations against the mission, this promise is once again proving to be a deception. On the Mission’s website there is only an interpretation of the lawyers’ report, but not the complete final paper of the allegedly “independent commission”. The inhabitants of the Mission and their supporters are deprived of the most important passages of the report. Erika Bornman, who, despite great scepticism about the “investigation” of the team of lawyers paid by KSB, told them her story with KwaSizabantu, has a question for KwaSizabantu on Twitter. She knows that she will not get an answer, but you will be allowed to ask, or….?

  1. Hey, @kwasizabantu and @aQuelle
    Your legal lackey indicated you guys read our social media posts (probably mining it hoping for incriminating posts. So here’s a question for you: WHERE IS THE REPORT? #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives
  2. Ruth and others made a big deal appealing to all of us to cooperate with your panel. We did. You also made a big deal of saying the resulting report would be transparent and you’d make it available to all. You didn’t. #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives
  3. Prominent on your homepage is Keith Matthee’s lengthy verbal explanation of the first few pages of the report. Why won’t you allow the public (and your congregants) to read it for themselves? Sections A,B, C and annexures? #whereisthereport #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives
  4. We did what you asked of us. We cooperated despite misgivings. So why your refusal to do what you said you would? Why is the report nowhere to be found on your website? What are you so scared of? #whereisthereport #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives
  5. I’m calling you out on Twitter because I’m tired of your Orwellian methods. You promised and begged. We delivered. You reneged. Publish the report or lose all credibility. #kwasizabantu #aquelle #kwasizabantulives #whereisthereport
  6. I do this despite the fact that your panel included details of my chat with them that were taken out of context, are extremely personal and leave me deeply vulnerable. Because I’m interested in the greater good. #whereisthereport #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives #aquelle
  7. So, @kwasizabantu and @aQuelle,
    on the day that honours the Lord you claim to honour, too: enough of your doublespeak and obfuscation. Do what you said you would and publish the report in its entirety. #whereisthereport #kwasizabantu #kwasizabantulives #aquelle


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