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🇿🇦 Caution – Charm Offensive

Dear Friends,

It would appear as if KwasizaBantu is embarking upon a charm offensive or PR exercise by approaching some victims with an offer of “reconciliation”.

Although no particulars are known at this stage of what such a “reconciliation” might entail it is imperative that individual victims be put on guard in order not to be taken in by a soft soap manoeuver which might cause them to abandon essential rights that have accrued to them.

All should be aware of the following principles:

  1. If true reconciliation is sought it must be sought in a process involving each and every victim of KSB misdeeds;
  2. That process must be conducted on record, in writing and through the offices of an attorney if victims do enjoy legal representation;
  3. The process must commence with an unreserved and comprehensive admission by KSB of every misdeed committed upon or against every victim;
  4. This must be followed by an unreserved admission of guilt and wrongdoing;
  5. The next step must be an unreserved and comprehensive apology and request for forgiveness; and, finally
  6. Appropriate financial compensation must be paid to each victim according to the demands of justice.

Individual victims should share any approach made to the with other victims they might be aware of.

Please keep us posted.

Kind regards,

Eberhard Bertelsmann o.b.o. Echo Pro Bono Legal Aid Clinic.

If somebody claiming to represent the CRL-commission reaches out to you asking about reconciliation with KSB, please contact Erika, Peet or Koos.