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The witnesses are afraid of Ksb

A review of Prof. Peet Botha

I believe there comes a time when one has to look back at what one had been busy with and review the current position in relation with the case at hand and the point of origin of the said case in hand. That is what I am doing now. I have been busy since late 2016 with matters pertaining to Mission Kwasizabantu (KSB).

I have come a long way and much water has gone under the bridge over the past 4 years or so. One cannot continue indefinitely as this involvement compromises all aspects of one’s life, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically,

financially and physically. I believe that I have taken the matters concerning

KSB as far as I possibly can. KSB had been like an Albatross around my neck and I believe the time has come for me to cut it loose.

The depravity of all people, especially us co-workers, involved in Mission

Kwasizabantu was nearly faith-shattering to me. I have cried to God for

forgiveness for myself, for my own depravity and self-centeredness in all

things pertaining KSB. I had been part of KSB since 1994 and as co-worker since 1996. I have lived, preached, taught and sustained a non-biblical faith-system especially at KSB, Claridge and Tulsa (USA). I should have known better and should have spoken out earlier in my walk before the Lord with KSB. I have hurt many people and lost dear family and friends in the process; the most pertinent perhaps the brethren at Tulsa which I dearly loved. I ask and have asked forgiveness however, the pain, self-judgement and sorrow are something one will carry to the grave.

In the process of speaking out against the falseness at KSB, many wrongs, atrocities, evils and sins had been exposed and revealed. These fall into two categories. First the wrongs that had been identified and can be proven. These are mostly concerned with stealing of money, lies told, structural positioning to benefit individuals, money laundering, human rights abuses and mismanagement. These are all so-called willful, intentional and deliberate pragmatic abuses of system and humanity. Inclusive in this category are also evil actions that has yet to be proven which, inter alia includes sexual harassment, sexual abuse of minors and outright rape of individuals. 

There are a multitude of identified cases.

The most devastating discovery is the fact that most of the top leadership are involved in these identified cases and that it is alleged that rape of at least one individual had been “arranged” as punishment. Many of these incidents have been reported to the South African Police. However, whilst many appointments with the SAP, HAWKS, SARS, SAHRC and NPA took place in KZN, the native province of KSB, we have found it extremely difficult to open cases. KSB is well-known in KZN, has stable and longstanding relationships with the Zulu King, IFP, ANC and Dube Clan, has members within the SAP, HAWKS and SAP who frequent KSB, and overall the KZN governmental structures regards KSB well.

The second category concerns wrongs which have been identified but lacks sufficient verifiable evidence or whilst verified evidence has been obtained, because of the sensitivity of the information if revealed, such will impact family, individuals and God’s work to such extent that lasting damage will be done to the innocent souls connected to the perpetrators. Unfortunately, this

information implicates most of the founder leaders of KSB. Much of this

information had been known for many years even dating back to the origins of KSB and nonetheless kept secret. This information, if now revealed, would comprise a most heartless, merciless and vengeful action on my behalf. So, as of now I can just turn away in utter disgust and leave it at the feet of God Almighty to handle in His own good time.

The power of the KSB cult is phenomenal. The blind faith in the leaders of KSB is destructive to many adherents. The absolute mind control, social isolation, religious programming, idolization of leaders, economic, sexual, and other exploitations of KSB members so prevalent at KSB and yet, not seen or understood by current residing members, is mind-boggling to say the least. Whilst so many members left, so many congregations broke away and so many revelations of wrongs have been made, the remnant has blindly held onto the leadership and revival beliefs of the cult and have shunned anyone that dare to confront the status quo. Everything revealed, even with indisputable proof provided, is simply rejected as lies. Marriages, families, friendships and communal ties have been broken in the most bizarre fashion.

At KSB, just about every true biblical doctrine had been violated. It is most telling that even the illustrious beliefs concerning the 1966 Maphumulo Revival had been violated in totality. Coupled with a lack of basic foundational knowledge about the theology which the Bible teaches and adhering rather to a theology spawned by the Maphumulo revival, KSB has developed into a cult over time, deceiving so many into a religious system foundationally alien to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lack of true spiritual leadership with most of the co-workers, leaders and preachers who left KSB over the past two years is very distressing. Whilst speaking out against the category one (see above) wrongs no spiritual discernment concerning doctrine has openly come forth from them; they are still all children of the 1966 Maphumulo revival branding all revelations contrary to what they believed as lies. Although they have left the cult, the cult has not left them. This is a most frightening reality. The lack of acknowledgement and confession of their wrongs, the lack of spiritual repentance and restitution will haunt them for all time living on this earth.

The unwillingness to speak out against and about wrongs by victims is detrimental to bringing about change at KSB. Here I am very careful and understanding towards victims. However, the revealing of truth and facing one’s demons are so necessary to prevent others from experiencing the same violations. This was one of the most hindering aspects of the whole effort to hold KSB leadership accountable for their deeds. Sources of information will not come forward and openly declare their information. They will only speak if they remain anonymous or even if their information is not published at all. Victims will not lay charges for sexual abuses of whatever kind being fearful of KSB backlash, anxious of being stigmatized or shamed, afraid of being ridiculed or rejected, and afraid to face their tomorrows. There is a real fear of compromising their current lives that has been wrought with many tears and much suffering. I understand and pray that the Almighty God in His grace and mercy will see justice being done to all of them.

The current Mission Kwasizabantu leadership may feel victorious in the fact that no major cases have been registered with the authorities against them. They may even go so far, as they have done, to proclaim innocence because no cases have ended up in court. But the Bible teaches that it is awful to fall into the hands of the righteous God. Even when in this life justice is withheld from the innocent, God will require the blood of the innocent from the hands of the unrighteous leadership of KSB. There is a shared voice of the faithful who have suffered at the hands of the leadership of KSB crying out to God, and His ear is not deaf and His arm not to short to come to their aid.

Everything I have written to date has been handed to the various authorities. I will therefore archive my Essays, Topics and My Book on my blog. Anyone who would want the documents may email me and may have it. I have done my bit, as the Lord called me to do, as much as I could. I believe the Lord in His grace and mercy will call to justice the KSB leadership in His own time and in His own way hold them accountable for their evil deeds.

Do remember this though: If you forget me and all I have written you have really lost nothing whatsoever. 

Nonetheless, if you forget Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures, and remember Him not, you have lost everything!