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The deadline for the CRL Commission is running out

The South African CRL Commission has given itself a deadline by which to complete its investigation into the numerous cases of abuse by Mission Kwa Sizabantu.  Friday of this week is supposed to be the deadline.

One of the numerous witnesses to the epic abuse drama at Mission KwaSizabantu had his jaw dropped in the face of the CRL Commission’s endless inaction. After several fruitless attempts to obtain information about the commission’s timetable, he called in a renowned lawyer. On January 22, he announced that he would take legal action against the Commission if it did not submit a final report by the end of January.

Almost surprisingly – there was a response from the Commission. In his letter of 31 January 2023, its chairman, Professor Mosama, virtually asked for understanding that the Commission was yet to complete the report. After all, it had only finished its investigations in September 2022. And compiling this information had taken “longer than expected.”  When Mosama wrote that letter, the commission already had five months to complete a final report.

Now it’s a combined seven months. Because since the professor even gave a year( J ) , he recognizably gave the commission only two whole months to finally finish: “However, we inform that the publication of the report can be expected by March 31, 2023.”

We take the liberty of reminding the Commission: That March 31 date is Friday of this week.

(We’re passing along Mosama’s letter to the Association of Betting Shops in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With the CRL Commission’s announcement, betting can certainly do something….)